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  1. If Microsoft's Surface Phone ends up like this concept, count us in
    Designer David Breyer’s concept art borne of Microsoft patent images hype up a would-be Surface Phone device.
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    The best gaming laptops you can buy, always up to date with the latest hardware configurations.
  3. The best PC 2017: the best computers we've tested
    Consider splashing out on one of the best PCs of 2017, handpicked by our computing experts.
  4. 2018 may be good for Apple and Microsoft despite declining PC sales
    PC market set to continue to decline next year, but it’s not all bad news, as Apple and Microsoft will continue to perform well.
  5. iMac Pro UAE release date, news and features
    The iMac Pro is finally here to step up performance for Mac users
  6. Microsoft's rumored foldable Surface device may have just appeared in a new patent
    Patent details small 'hinged device' with two screens that fold over to face one another.
  7. That revamped Mac Pro is still in the works, Apple reminds us
    Apple used its iMac Pro announcement to remind us that its new, modular Mac Pro design is still in development.
  8. Best free iPad apps 2017
    We've dug out some real gems for your Apple tablet - iPad apps so good you won't believe they're free.
  9. The best iPhone apps to download in 2017
    Got yourself one of those fancy new iPhones? These are the apps you should be shoving onto it.
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    All of these keyboards are as beautiful as the components in your PC
  11. Best HP laptops 2017: the top HP laptops we've seen and tested
    HP has risen to one of the top laptop makers in the world – here's a look at the best HP laptops.
  12. The best 2-in-1 laptop 2017: the best convertible laptops ranked
    Flip them or snap them any way you'd like, these are the best 2-in-1 laptops around.
  13. New LG gram laptops put the webcam back where it belongs
    LG has announced a new set of gram laptops ahead of CES 2018 with some notable design changes and hardware boosts.
  14. Best free iPad games 2017
    So you've got an iPad and now you have no cash left to buy any games. Have no fear, because there are plenty you can get for no money at all.
  15. Best free iPhone apps 2017
    TechRadar wants you to have the best apps going – so here's our regularly updated list of the top free iPhone apps around.