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If you are looking for a computer service company based in the south-east Cornwall area, then you have come to the right place.
With over 25 years experience in the computer industry, working in small businesses and corporate environments, why not let our knowledge work for you.

We offer friendly, reliable and jargon free assistance for any person or business that uses computers. We are not sales people and will never pressurise anyone to use our services, instead you can expect to receive honest advice, realistic prices and excellent service.

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PC and Laptop Repairs

We service and repair all makes and models of PCs and laptops, except Apple (we can help with internet/email/software problems on Apple Macs and Macbooks). Most repairs will need to be done in the workshop, however sometimes a "dead" PC or laptop can be fixed onsite. Either way we will quote a fixed price for the work for your approval before proceeding.

All work is guaranteed and customer's PCs and laptops are insured. Customer's data is always backed up before work commences. Common problems include the following:-
  • Lack of power to PC or laptop
  • Blank screen although PC makes the right noises
  • Screen displays some text but won't boot into windows
  • Boots into Windows then shuts down again
  • Clunking hard disk
  • Computer is intolerably slow
  • Computer freezes at random intervals
  • Broken laptop keyboard or screen
  • Broken laptop power supply or power connector
  • Laptop screen is very dim
  • Blue Screen of Death!
  • Menu showing Safe mode, Last known good configuration etc. keeps appearing
  • Vista and Windows 7 launch "Startup Repair" which doesn't work
All of these can be repaired often inexpensively, and usually without data loss. Our prices are extremely competitive and we don't charge if we can't fix it, so you really have nothing to lose by calling us.


  • Windows Server, Small Business Server, Terminal Services, Office networks. We have installed and supported these products for many years and therefore have a great deal of experience for you to draw on.
  • Home internet, email, wifi. If you have any issues with your home internet access we can help. We can extend the range of your wifi if you have poor coverage.
  • PC or laptop buying advice/purchasing service. We can help you choose your new PC or supply a suitable secondhand one. We also install and setup and transfer documents, music and photos to your new PC.
  • Website design. We create professional websites for small businesses, and can arrange hosting.
  • Cloud services e.g. hosted Exchange and Sharepoint.
  • Managed services. We can provide a full monitoring solution for your office so that we will know of any problems (and hopefully fix them) before you do.
  • Contracts. If you anticipate using our services a lot, we can arrange to work on a contract basis which will provide a reduced hourly rate and other benefits. You will also benefit from priority callout.
  • Unix, Linux, Gadgets. We have years of experience working with Unix and Linux. We can also assist if you need help with your Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Blackberry or Android device.
  • Data recovery. If you have lost documents or photos, there is a chance of recovering them. Stop using your PC immediately and call.
  • Virus, spyware, malware removal. If your PC is misbehaving, running slowly, disk activity light is constantly flashing even when you're not doing anything, then you could have a virus. We can clean it up and return your PC back to normal.
  • PC tune-up. Most PCs will benefit from this service. A set process designed to get your PC running properly again. Can usually be done onsite.
For more information about any of these services please use the menu on the left.